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Difference between Addon domain & Parked domains

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  • 19 August 2006 4:10 AM

Addon, Parked & Primary domain are terms used when managing multiple domain names, within the same hosting control panel. They denote the configuration of a domain name, server-side through your Hosting Control Panel.

Primary domain (Main):
This is the main domain name of your hosting plan/account. This is the first chosen domain to be setup on your hosting space.

Add-on domain (Additional): This is an additional website in your hosting plan. This is a full separate website, with domain name, website content, email accounts within the same hosting space & control panel. Example: Two domain names say &, setup with being the Primary domain and as Addon domain. In this setup, both domains will appear as complete separate websites to visitors. They are both hosted in the same plan and controlled via a single control panel interface.

Parked domain (Alias) : This is an additional domain name to browse an existing website. Parked domain points to an existing website. Parked domain's are used when you want to have multiple domain-names to display the same website. Example:, and showing the same data/content. is Primary domain while and are Parked domains

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