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Email going into Gmail Spam Folder

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Please check your emails (both body and signature) for spammy content e.g. lots of exclamation marks; "must read"; attention-getting, large and/or gaudy coloured text; text the same colour as the background; tiny text; [almost] zero height images; links hidden under text, images or links with a different URL; etc.

All or any of these may mark you as a spammer at Google.
If all or most of your emails to Gmail accounts are being classified as spam at the Gmail end, or Google are blocking your domain, you will need to comply with the Bulk Sender's Guidelines at
In particular, pay attention to:-

(these above links in blue are "clickable")
Changes to MX records may take up to 72 hours to filter through the Internet;

We cannot help you with these issues, which need to resolved by yourself, or with the assistance of an IT support team.If other Google users have marked your mail as Spam, Google will have learned from this. You need to get your mail marked as "non spam".

There are also Postmaster tools to help you if a bulk mail sender:-, and Postmaster FAQ
If your IP is marked as a Spam Hoster, you will also need to clean this up with your service provider. Google maintain their own lists, but this posting certainly cannot help you. Removal from a spam hosting list can take up to four weeks to filter through. Even after that, Google may treat you account very cautiously, until proven as non-spammer. is helpful for bulk email senders and marketers. And this link can be very useful as well.
And, as a matter of interest helps recipients understand why mail is flagged as Spam by Gmail. Also, see
If, after doing all this, and the problems persist, you can use this page

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