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Heavy SPAM on domain

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We have noticed heavy amount of SPAM on our company email accounts. Most of the content is related to medicine, stock market and obscene nature. We have SPAM Assassin configured on server, but the content of spam is embarrassing. Please recommend solution.

Please examine, classify the spam email and locate keywords which identify the bulk of the spam e-mails & are not used in your day to day e-mail communication. You can make 'Email Filters' via your domain control panel cPanel, such that server will discard e-mails that match the criterion mentioned in the filters, sent to any email account on your domain(s).

This will ensure that all obscene spam e-mails are discarded at server for all email accounts of your corporate domain. Should you require assistance, please send us the following to setup this for your domain,
Keyword/phrases to be blocked & where they occur (subject, body..)

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