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Which record do I change to have mail point to the separate smtp server's IP?

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Question: I'm looking at the DNS zone page.. I would like mail to go directly to a separate server that I have.. so "" would go directly to my own personal smtp server. My question is there are several DNS records that I don't know the difference between.. Which record do I change to have mail point to the separate smtp server's IP?!

Answer: Change the following record with your details to change pointing to mail server,

@ MX (Mail Exchange Record)[21]

Mail Exchanger [MX] Record - An MX Record identifies the mail server(s) responsible for a domain name. When sending an e-mail to, your mail server must first look up the MX Record for to see which mail server actually handles mail for (this could be - or someone else's mail server like Then it looks up the A Record for the mail server to connect to its IP-address.

An MX Record has a Preference number indicating the order in which the mail server should be used (only relevant when multiple MX Records are defined for the same domain name). Mail servers will attempt to deliver mail to the server with the lowest preference number first, and if unsuccessful continue with the next lowest and so on.

For more information on TXT record please goto

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